On the Gabrielle side

Flipping back to the pages of Renaissance, when women were racing towards freedom in history, Coco Chanel presented the use of black and fabrics like jersey for everyday wear, in contrast to the rule of corseted dresses. She insisted that clothes should allow women to move freely and that elegance need not be overly elaborate.

To keep up, Chanel has recently come up with its liberated Gabrielle spirit, owing to her first name, endorsed by the contemporary artist, Kristen Stewart. This handpicked selection in the global star fraternity must’ve been crucial, given the likes of Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus in the same pavilion. Yet, Kristen made the cut for her symbolic bold statement at present.



How the brand earned its initial grand perfume value, is covered here:


The following link will take you to the newly crafted eau de parfum known to be an imaginary flower, based out of a bouquet of Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossom and Grasse Tuberose.




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Of Baby Dior’s charm

“I can hear the sounds of laughing, music, dance steps. Monsieur Dior is having fun, he loves parties, music, he is ahead of his time.”

Tune into my new French Undercurrent episode about Baby Dior.


(Pic courtesy: @babydior_official • Instagram)

Tatiana Casiraghi and her children Sasha and India have posed for Baby Dior, 50 years after their great-grandmother Princess Grace of Monaco opened the brand’s first boutique.


(Pic courtesy: Daily Mail)

I agree with Christian Dior when he says,  “Transform everyday existence into a nostalgic fairy tale!”.



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The difficult kid was an angel

For every impediment, if there’s a great mentor at your side to run you through the safe trail, then nearly all the challenges ahead prompt towards the win-win situation.

Les choristes begins with two middle-aged men, the renowned French conductor Pierre Morhange (Jacques Perrin) and an old friend, Pépinot (Didier Flamand), who are brought together by the death of their old music teacher. Before you can say flashback, they start reminiscing about their days at a boarding school for boys.

Press ‘play’ and hear my French Undercurrent version about it.




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Can the Angels of Victoria’s Secret hold the brand and sales tight together?

Glamour can dutifully mask your prom nights, but not hide reality in the day.

A vivid instance from the world of Victoria’s Secret can help you revise your beauty checklist in few minutes of this reading.


No More Secrets

Americans are moving away from the “bombshell” look Victoria’s Secret has built its reputation on, and are instead stocking up on more natural, unstructured bralettes. Since bralettes are easier to construct, they make it simpler for nontraditional lingerie brands to challenge the stalwart.

As L Brands said that its Victoria’s Secret brand would stop selling swimwear and dial back on promotions, the company’s shares have plunged as steeply as one of its asset-baring bras.

Jefferies analyst Randal Konik recently downgraded L Brands’ shares from hold to underperform, saying industry and consumer trends could cause Victoria’s Secret to lose its dominance in intimate apparel. Among those trends are a slowdown in spending on the category and increased competition from specialty stores and online start-ups.

Strength at Bath & Body Works and the teen-focused Pink brand have helped L Brands offset declines at Victoria’s Secret. But both of these businesses are now sending warning signals.

After recording a 5 per cent comparable-sales gain in the fiscal fourth quarter, Bath & Body Works is now on pace to report a mid-single-digit decline in February. Those stores have not experienced a comparable-sales decline result in nearly three years.

Yet, NPD chief industry analyst, Marshal Cohen affirmed that the exclusive and differentiated merchandising mix that Victoria’s Secret offers shoppers has led to a unique breed of consumer that is extremely loyal.

L Brands CEO Les Wexner discontinued Victoria’s Secret’s swim line because the category wasn’t growing. Yet, while the company and several analysts contend that it is the right decision for the long term, it nonetheless eliminated roughly $500 million in annual sales.

Being A Victoria’s Secret Model/angel Was And Still Is A Prestigious Deal 

Janine Tugonon, a high-level academic performer had a plan: become a pharmacist, get married and have kids. Then, her world turned around after she entered her first pageant and quickly made way to the Miss Universe 2012 competition.


Tugonon, now a model with MSA, moved to New York and recently landed a coveted spot in a Victoria’s Secret Pink ad, making her the first-ever Filipino to model for the brand. This news went viral and raised the stakes.

Putting these experiences in her words, “For me, it’s really uncertain going into modeling and blending into this culture where there are a lot of models that are blondes with blue eyes.
A lot of people are messaging me: ‘Oh, you inspire me so much!’
I’m like, Really?”

Bagging national endorsements, she mostly aimed for the ones internationally, by clinching the best in Victoria’s Secret league.


The Converging Point 

For a long time, beauty for women meant fair skin, straight hair, thin and tall with round eyes, while men looked to Axe and Old Spice for inspiration — embodying strong, chiseled masculinity. Generally speaking, many of those values have remained the same. Through media, we are exporting that ideal.

However, media does not automatically dictate for the public what is beautiful. In recent years, people have become more vocal about what they want to see on TV and in magazines.

Campaigns are fighting for inclusion. They’ve demanded more representation for minorities and plus-sized models.

“Selling images, selling products — so much of it is about consumerism,” said a communication expert.

Companies want to sell their goods and turn a profit, so they will continue to innovate and come up with new products and new cosmetic procedures. If they think they’ll attract a wider audience by including more diversity, then that’s what they’ll do.

Don’t we all love to follow the leading Victoria’s Secret angels namely, Gigi Hadid and others, without marking the ounce of black or white pigments on their flesh?


Herein, the beauty lies in appreciating all ethnicities under one flag and inspiring others. Hence, Victoria’s Secret is here to stay.

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No less than London’s ‘221 B Baker’s Street’ experience in Bangalore

Hi all,

Your shopaholic instinct may have already touched upon the defined places in Bangalore such as Brigade road, Commercial Street and MG road. Yes, your heart may have fluttered numerous times to visualise the world renowned streets, namely 221 B Baker’s Street, London and Champs-Élysées, Paris.

Now, it’s time to look beyond that and make way for your next high-end lifestyle shopper’s enclave- 12th main road, Indiranagar.

Welcome to my outsider’s guide to 12th main Indiranagar upstreet gain episode, where I review the game-changing Entertainment Store, including a fresh take of my cricket-freak friend, Soumya Chatterjee on the same.

I. Entertainment Store cum café

Special cut #1

Special cut #2

This street is a great weekend package with the following exciting variety of places as well!

II. Unbelievable royalty at your disposal- Truefitt & Hill


For over two centuries, Truefitt & Hill, London has provided discerning gentlemen with only the finest in grooming products and services.

Established in 1805, they maintain the world’s oldest barbershop and are barbers and Royal Warrant of Appointment holders to H.R.H., The Duke of Edinburgh.

III. Make the ice cream fantasy large with Häagen-Dazs


IV. Bounce is a fantastic blend of salon, spa and makeup academy !


V. Volt Energy Club


A group of fitness enthusiasts have built a luxurious den of workout regimes by becoming experts in fitness with the best-in-class trainers, therapists and nutritionists. Wherever you go, they’d ensure that you have fitness on your mind.

VI. Hot restaurateur in the town-Bombay Brasserie


Go wild with Bombay Brasserie’s experimental interpretation of Indian ingredients and flavours, on 12th main. Now, you might really want to splurge and eat your hearts out, at this exotic hangout.

VII. A home-decor boutique carrying the worldly finesse at Kosh


Kosh knows how to treat a Venetian blind, Kashmir carpet and wooden flooring on its fingertips.

VIII. Your sweet-toothed personality can have the best of both worlds.

a. Cream Stone


b. Waffle House


Isn’t this a win-win for all age groups?

I shan’t keep you long from scheduling your visit here. When you land yourself on 12th main road, Indiranagar, I’d love to see what you got and loved.

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The Social Tryst With Change

Meet Arun Chandra, the Project Associate of GiftAbled, Bangalore in a rendezvous with Sana Husain, a freewheeling lifestyle curator, who analyse the factors of change and how people can become a part of the solution, rather than simply flipping the pages of their newspaper.

Special cut #1

Special cut #2

Special cut #3

Special cut #4


Make your unique contribution to the thriving arts and culture in India, through GiftAbled, here: https://www.facebook.com/GiftAbled/?fref=ts



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AND, turn up the summer fashion volume

Apart from the buzzing streets in Indiranagar, Bangalore; the fashion league planted on 100ft Road gives many of us a reason for a weekend shopping drive.

Catch my take on Spring/Summer 2017 collection at AND, Indiranagar store.

Cut 1>

Cut 2>

Cut 3>

Cut 4>

Cut 5>

Cut 6>

If you add these colors to your wardrobe, I’m sure your summertime sadness will simply fade away in an instant.

Punch ‘Global Desi’ brand name in your browser to find an exotic extension of the same.


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An Instagram parameter check with its good, bad and the ugly

 The instant and personal mirror or a superficial public exhibit, Instagram, which is obviously on your phone screen is a boon of the 21st century for myriad reasons. But, somehow it has started to mean monkey business, in the name of fancy tags and cash flows, that your wallet knows.

From the trending Instagram posts, I will shoot a list that you might want to look up or down at, as they get interesting or perhaps, even worse.

1/ The daring vanity escapade


A 23-year-old Russian Instagram model, Viktoria Odintcova, in her freak stunt of hanging down Dubai’s Cayan Tower was spitefully approached by the authorities and the fellow Instagrammers.
In this weightless and realistically breathless moment, I respect this lady for her guts. To ‘haters gonna hate’ league, I’d say that there are plenty of spine-chilling movies and shows to inspire negative notions. Why target this model alone?
2/ What’s your yoga done to the beach?
The answer to some beautiful females in their ecstatic yoga pose is: Loyal, subservient boyfriends.

3/ Oscars was the 2017 party!

What will be tonight’s most memorable #Oscars moment? Can anything beat @theellenshow selfie? 🤳 #Oscars2017 #oscarsselfie #ellendegeneres

A post shared by Evening Standard Magazine (@eveningstandardmagazine) on Feb 26, 2017 at 3:34pm PST


4/ Karan Kundra, Anusha Dandekar and WTF selfie


Every now and then, the happening couple on MTV India sets steal the show on Instagram. This selfie before the Birthday wish by their girl friend, kills the fun. Why not hug and tell, instead of bringing this tri-selfie in between!


Hang on! Do we need to hold onto this not-so-private moment of them here?

5/Crave the ‘Follow me to’ romantic fad


Once you hit this couple-born in pictures-photographer and journalist’s Instagram handle ‘followmeto’, there’s no stopping anywhere. I was taken in by a whirl of how well they shared they skilled chemistry in each one of their travelogue creations.

6/ Boyfriends of Instagram, really?


Find the complete picture here: https://m.facebook.com/Boyfriendsofinstagram/photos/a.429495927248260.1073741827.429495293914990/594016457462872/?type=3&source=54

Haha! Like I said. Say cheese!

7/ The clichéd movement

After haters, there’s always some  room for mockery.

How easy it must be to crack it all up, in one go?

Check the following link and never mind.


If you’re swinging high or low on social media, these share of pictures will help you regain balance on Instagram and draw a line, for your health and especially the masses.
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