The Social Tryst With Change

Meet Arun Chandra, the Project Associate of GiftAbled, Bangalore in a rendezvous with Sana Husain, a freewheeling lifestyle curator, who analyse the factors of change and how people can become a part of the solution, rather than simply flipping the pages of their newspaper.

Special cut #1

Special cut #2

Special cut #3

Special cut #4


Make your unique contribution to the thriving arts and culture in India, through GiftAbled, here:



Sana Husain




  1. Mandaarrao​ · April 10, 2017

    That’s the spirit of Arts..
    Keep it up


  2. Mandaarrao​ · April 11, 2017

    Arts does a many splendoured things to different people , cultures​. That’s a great effort, SANA.. GoodLife !


    • Sana Husain · April 11, 2017

      Thank you so much! Do spread the good word around 🙂


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