An Instagram parameter check with its good, bad and the ugly

 The instant and personal mirror or a superficial public exhibit, Instagram, which is obviously on your phone screen is a boon of the 21st century for myriad reasons. But, somehow it has started to mean monkey business, in the name of fancy tags and cash flows, that your wallet knows.

From the trending Instagram posts, I will shoot a list that you might want to look up or down at, as they get interesting or perhaps, even worse.

1/ The daring vanity escapade


A 23-year-old Russian Instagram model, Viktoria Odintcova, in her freak stunt of hanging down Dubai’s Cayan Tower was spitefully approached by the authorities and the fellow Instagrammers.
In this weightless and realistically breathless moment, I respect this lady for her guts. To ‘haters gonna hate’ league, I’d say that there are plenty of spine-chilling movies and shows to inspire negative notions. Why target this model alone?
2/ What’s your yoga done to the beach?
The answer to some beautiful females in their ecstatic yoga pose is: Loyal, subservient boyfriends.

3/ Oscars was the 2017 party!

What will be tonight’s most memorable #Oscars moment? Can anything beat @theellenshow selfie? 🤳 #Oscars2017 #oscarsselfie #ellendegeneres

A post shared by Evening Standard Magazine (@eveningstandardmagazine) on Feb 26, 2017 at 3:34pm PST


4/ Karan Kundra, Anusha Dandekar and WTF selfie


Every now and then, the happening couple on MTV India sets steal the show on Instagram. This selfie before the Birthday wish by their girl friend, kills the fun. Why not hug and tell, instead of bringing this tri-selfie in between!


Hang on! Do we need to hold onto this not-so-private moment of them here?

5/Crave the ‘Follow me to’ romantic fad


Once you hit this couple-born in pictures-photographer and journalist’s Instagram handle ‘followmeto’, there’s no stopping anywhere. I was taken in by a whirl of how well they shared they skilled chemistry in each one of their travelogue creations.

6/ Boyfriends of Instagram, really?


Find the complete picture here:

Haha! Like I said. Say cheese!

7/ The clichéd movement

After haters, there’s always some  room for mockery.

How easy it must be to crack it all up, in one go?

Check the following link and never mind.

If you’re swinging high or low on social media, these share of pictures will help you regain balance on Instagram and draw a line, for your health and especially the masses.
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Sana Husain

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