What Customisation Owes To The Independent Woman?

Whether it’s dressing for a festival run by the National Guard under the command of the Crown Prince, which involves traditional music, folk dancing and a spectacular camel race or a Caribbean carnival, on the street and mad, in the nicest possible way, you can define perfection and luxury with the advent of coded couture, that has taken the fancy of Google these days. 
 A. Fashion Customisation Wired In An App
The Independent report has spilled out exciting trivia this month- “Google has teamed up with H&M digital fashion house Ivyrevel to create dresses inspired by phone users’ personal data.

 The project, called ‘Coded Couture’, uses an Android app designed to monitor multiple aspects of a user’s lifestyle, including travel routes, dinner spots, daily routine and the weather around them.

This information is gathered over the course of a week, and used to create a ‘Data Dress’ starting at $99.


It gathers data from a phone’s sensors, and is capable of working out whether the user is walking or driving and if their headphones are plugged in, as well as their location and weather conditions.

Materials, colours and details will also be dictated by the data.”

The trend of custom made luxury products goes a long way back in India when the Indian royalty made their eclectic, extravagant presence felt on the map of global fashion trends with their commissioned specialities making news and the ateliers proud. In 1926, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala sent a trunk full of precious gems to Cartier wanting them to be remounted in Parisian style, and the result was the world famous, one-off Patiala necklace. In 1925, the polo loving ruler of Jammu & Kashmir, Hari Singh, ordered several customised trunks from Louis Vuitton for his polo outfits and equipment, including one specially designed for his mallets.

B. Bag The Hot Comfort Deal

An Australian startup featured in Business Insider lets women design their own handbags from over six billion combinations called Mon Purse.

It doesn’t get much cooler than designing your own handbag. Just ask Mon Purse founder Lana Hopkins who turned a fruitless search for the perfect bag into a multi-million dollar business in just a couple years.


“I realized I spent far too many hours pounding the pavement, looking for theperfect bag,” Hopkins told Business Insider. “I wanted to solve this personal problem and I had a vision — to create an elegant, state-of-the-art bag builder, and then follow it up with high-quality bespoke creations delivered to directly to customer’s doors. So, I traveled the world in 2014 looking for the best tanneries and ateliers, hand-selecting quality leathers and raw materials, and employing skilled craftsmen. I also found some great software engineers to turn my vision into reality.”

Using Mon Purse’s state-of-the-art, 3D design tool that has more than sixbillioncombinations, anyone can now create the leather handbag of their dreams. You’re able to fully customize it — the leathers, colors, finishes, hardware, interior, and monogram — and immediately see what the final product will look like through a 3D rendering.

The company let me try its proprietary 3D design tool for the purposes of this review, and I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun reviewing a product. I had so many options before me, and I didn’t know where to start. I checked out Mon Purse’s Instagram feedfor inspiration. I tried the tool on all of the different bag styles you’re able to customize and, finally, after much thought, decided to create my own bowler bag. I wanted this bag to be one I could use every day for work — it’s business out the outside with a grainy black leather exterior, and party on the inside with a fuchsia suede lining.

Have a look at the entire design process from start to checkout, or begin designing your own Mon Purse bag here.

The base prices of Mon Purse’s “design your own” collection are as follows: Bowler Bag ($380 for mini or $480 for classic), Bucket Bag ($380), Clutch ($230), Pouch ($65 for small or $75 for large), Shopper Bag ($330 for mini or $430 for classic), and Tote Bag ($480).

If you’re also someone who invests in their purses and has struggled to find a bag that has everything you want, there’s something to be said for creating the bag of your dreams for the same price. It’s actually kind of a no-brainer when put that way.

C. Yours truly, monogrammed shoes

From having the colour and pattern of your bridal outfit match with your custom-made shoes to ordering moccasins to go with your monogrammed luggage pieces, there is a whole lot to experiment with as luxury brands listed below go on a customization spree, so go ahead and make yourself heard with every click of those made-to-order heels.


Reflecting on this, Patrick Normand, MD, Cartier, Middle East, India and North Africa has been quoted as saying, “These beautiful objects know no rivals, no copies, and give their owners the euphoric feeling of having played a major part in creating a work of art. It’s not anymore the years of ‘crazy 90’s’ whereanything branded would sell.”


Christian Louboutin has set up the Wedding Suite, one of its kind in the world, at Louboutin’s Horniman Circle boutique in Mumbai, which offers severalcustomization services to the Indian bride. While finding shoes and bags to match the bridal trousseau is one thing to do there, what is more exciting is to get a consultation to customize the style, colour, heel height or even replicate the embroidery of the bridal outfit [or your initials] on a pair of your favourite Louboutin heels.With meticulous embroidery done under the umbrage of the famous Jean-François Lesage, this service is a truly decadent one for the discerning client.

Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo had a lot of publicity going around the ‘Shoes for a Star’ project whereby the brand gifted a pair of custom-made Tramezza to Abhishek Bachhan, and a pair of Sage peep-toes to Sonam Kapoor.

Following this is Ferragamo’s initiative called MTO Driver (MTO stands for “made-to-order”) which lets men customize the brand’s driving loafers as per their choice – from the design to details like material, colour, finish, the leather and the laces, to imprinting the buyer’s initials on the soles. There are about a hundred permutations possible with myriad options of upper body, sole construct, and hallmark Gancio metal hardware. While your own imagination isthe limit there is a waiting time of eight to twelve weeks until delivery and the price ranges around $750. But the process makes it an easy, interactive one as it requires you to log on to the Ferragamo’s dedicated MTO Driver page and customise your shoe virtually, then submit the order online and collect the shoes at the nearest Salvatore Ferragamo boutique. Signature style and iconic value blend in beautifully with this MTO service which also reinvigorated demand for customised Vara or Varina ballerinas for the ladies.

On similar lines, there’s Tiesta to offer you 3D designer tool for online customisation and payment right on the whim of your fingertips.

Can the haute couture Gods pair up with Google to reinvent fashion ? There’d be a crazy bunch of answers queued to debate that.

The curated labels can pick the rightful good from this strategy because ‘Customer is the King’, afterall! Hope you’re geared up for this tech-savvy, eclectic venture.

Drop in your favourite word.


Sana Husain



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  1. Sabina Husain · February 25, 2017

    Hey Lady,now that’s information with a lot of insight. Great for us people who always wanted to know if there was a way to wear our own custom made in an affordable arrangement.
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