The Aion Moment

I was caught into the world music Jazz chamber, where the music notes recreated movie scenes from an epic like Arabian Nights.

The Arabian mystic was well done , as per the theme assorted by the Swiss band, Aion Quartet.The four artistes brought the worldly charm in their performance, as they touched the Indian chords, rather than playing their native elements. There, I was impressed by their vice-versa deal.

The aura maintained a way of Turkish winds blowing and ghungroo sound accompanying it. It was a night of a string of moments lost in sweet struggle of music and quietude.

As you may observe, the red-haired player and the ease of instruments weighed in on the stage, a pool of emotions unfurl before your eyes, breathing into one music set, through them.


If your water is devoid of taste, a drop of Aion will help you attain Nirvana.

In my midnight musings, I’d love to point out the sparkle of Sitar, that’s rarely marked in Indian hits, these days.

“Prince of Persia”, claimed the bassist and the enchanted audience cheered louder.

By the gradual rhythm of conclusion, music took the usual Swiss beats course, which one of the band mates refused to acknowledge.

The soft, sad and transcending jazz satiated everyone’s appetite till its last beat.

In the most abstract sense, it can be perceived as a gazelle jumping into music, performed by Aion.

Here’s my Aion Moment: When the bassist smiled at the flutehorn player, the latter infused the deep, distant melody into the Quartet show.





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