Review: SA Fashion Week SS’16


The five-day Spring-Summer 2016 fashion week held at Johannesburg in South Africa bloomed in various shades of traditional African, typical west and was somewhere electrifyingly bizarre.

The international models with blonde hair fixed in a ponytail were more in comparison to the local ones with short black hair, sashaying around the season’s collection on the runway.

For a lady’s wardrobe, the designer, Gert-Johan Coetzee had played around with his mind patterns, as reflected in lacey dresses, either moving in black, suede and yellow color palette or in the beautiful white and blue combinations, grabbed right from the sky. “The 70s inspired Bohemian style met the grown up sophistication.” A similar streak was observed in the label called “Non-European”. SAFWSS’16 looked fine as long as apparel was displayed in earthy colors, with a touch of prints. The earthy colors define the summer better in Africa, as reflected in their collection.

Rubicon, Judith Atelier and JJ Schoeman rightly dressed their female models in whites and hues of cream, thus shifting to the summer gear. Alongside, some designs stemmed from the tribal sphere of Africa, sporting dark colors, with strokes of red, blue and green sparingly splashed across.

The good show actually began, with the entry of elegant, soft Lumin fabrics, inspired by the aviation scene. “It was the retro Lufthansa air hostess uniform from the 70s.” Then, Brand Keys upped the glamour quotient by bringing in more vibrancy on the ramp. The short and sheer pieces, glimmering in pink and nude shades stole the show.

There came tagging along the chic African street style, with better accessories, pertaining to the traditional hat, hand purse and appealing prints, from Miah. “Flowy pastel silhouettes with a pop of print tell the African style story.” Esmoko has finely blended the traditional African prints into the men’s collection. Adding to that, Liz Ogumbo captured the essence of old African beauties and the evolving urban ones in her designs, which was clearly visible from head to toe of the models.

For Anmari Honiball, her set of apparel announced the arrival of a riot of colors. When it came to Erre, the sheer, light and floral pieces actually made one’s fingers itch to buy.

The fashion week had its share of lows, consisting of bizarre pairings, such as denim jackets thrown on dressy pieces or denim tops tucked in shimmering bronze under forest green attires. It also saw geisha inspired collection, using odd designs woven into disorganized cuts, which weren’t well suited to summer.  Also, lots of black was seen on the runway, as if not really thinking through it.

When men’s collection was showcased, a series of bizarre moments hovered for a little while longer. The clothes designed for the effeminate men by Jerri Mokgofe and a twist in the formal suits for summer given by Afrikanswiss are a few instances of the same. After which Dope’s clothing line, built upon the Tennis wear theme, was disappointing.

However, Missober spelled the Summer-Spring collection the best, encompassing beautiful, bright and bold colors in its numerous A-line dresses. “The fashion week is a celebration of luxury of African designers, displaying sunny hues crafted with cutting edge detailing.


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