Happy Magazine Writing day!

Rachel Sauer: What was the most peaceful day you ever had?


Me:  Tick, tock, tick, tock….

The hands of the clock competed with mine. Summer’s heat amplified as my anxiety escalated, when the last minute of my undergrad final paper, Evergreen English Literature, drew near. In a large classroom, packed with some of my batchmates and other undergrads, introspectively, I went down the memory lane, while my pen meticulously worked towards its goal. Life was a strange rush that year, finely etched with inner turmoil and academic battles that had to be conquered. With every passing second, I sensed relief, knowing that “This too shall pass!” After doing justice to all my literary characters, dramatic devices, analysis of excerpt of a play, I took a deep breath. Although my hands felt numb, after all writing the lengthiest paper, for that microsecond, it felt surreal. “Sir”, someone squealed out to the invigilator and I lost my train of thought. Flipping through all the pages, scanning to fix any possible errors, I focused again.

“Voila!” the air whispered into my ear. My ecstasy knew no bounds, when my pen stroked the last “period” on the rectangular white booklet. I kissed Literature a sweet goodbye.


One comment

  1. nikitashanik · September 15, 2015

    I am in final year now..n it makes me sad to think that even i will be kissing it goodbye around next year…Maybe p.g. later in life…Very well described Sana di! This is going to be relatable…

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