Newman to Come and Get You!


‘Love me again’ fame British singer, John Newman, is back with a bang with his lead single ‘Come and Get It’. He makes a swift impression on the listener, within first few seconds of the track. In his blunt stride, he would rip open your inner quest to seek what you really want. Little uninvited that maybe, but he undeniably strikes while the iron is hot. If you prefer truth knocking in a straightforward manner at your door, he will do it for you. Oh yes! His versatility will have your heartbeat racing, with subtler provocations. Some dramatic twists rounded with vigor, are amplified by the saxophone. For a minute, you might feel his voice tightening its grip around you, like a snake; overpowering you. Full of ardor, the artiste lays out his indestructible spirit, in the face of deceit. Now, that may clear your misconceptions.


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