This summer’s gonna hurt..!


Adam Levine was probably at the beach, holding a beer can, while thinking about the fancy lady in the song. It’s like entering the waves, as the beats boom into your ears. There is never a dull moment when he opens his mouth, to talk you into his smooth and sexy mannerisms. The song would land into your playlist maybe because summer really gives you a tough time, yet for the band, it forms the beach babe quotient. Never mind. He does retain the intensity with which we can commonly relate to the track. Doesn’t it stir your curiosity, who is this fashionable blonde? We all need phones in the time of our need. That hints towards Adam’s enchantment with the high-maintenance woman. At least, the lips don’t lie, when he pronounces the word “fancy”. Don’t you complain now, as the groovy number will push your gut, to flirt your bit with the rhythmic beauty! Maroon 5 is a combination of fantastic team mates, who make sure that you are tuned in to the right pauses, heightening your sense of emotions, calling for some involuntary head movements. By the end of the track, you are quite convinced about their cause. Did I mention about the trance they put you in? This is a definite treat, with a pinch of sugar and salt. So, cheer up!


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