Tonight is the opening of a tomb, where corpses from the last few years, will seek burial. Their vehemence reigning across the seas and drowning the skyscrapers’ fury, we shan’t mourn or reminisce anymore. On a sheet of snow,as if glides the bare soul; mountains are but nothing less than steel rods, sans dimensions. In the book where dirges lay, although not a mouth to sing or flutter those lashes.




Chers papiers,
I would adore from a distance the sublime cover you are inlaid with,which could feel filth upon my touch.Earnestly,allowing us an unbridled fancy.

In the name of Allah!


In perception of solitude and loneliness,arises a conflict,a pinch of dilemma.When we come to think of it,apart from human beings,all else is a manifestation of singularity and consistency without any provocation of thought.The survivors of pure destiny and trick,if i may term them and even elevate to a pedestal of heroism.With proper height of subtlety,lesser would be my usage of diction to gather this phenomena.Just a bow in gesture to make.
This,in the name of Allah,the most beneficent, most merciful.

Totem Poles


Out of our totem poles lies motion, that we might leave out conveniently.In particular,the binoculars can’t match the demand.Strategies feel out of grip but the limbs have another plan.Every door has a pattern.What we know still has some unknown to it.

Element: Fire


Being within and without,its manifestations are unimaginable,doing joyous cartwheels.Everything is going helter-skelter, as Earth’s on real fire.Put down the shreds and walk up to a Transylvania.An applause,yes please.



We have solved Mathematical problems about time,distance,speed and the like.These variables do turn into philosophical constants.While we sit reading them,they are spinning wildly.This very personification sneers at our limitations.

Supreme Irony


Supreme irony that becomes routinely is being judged at every mile.We carry it from our homes,sync further with outsiders and rest is what you can see for yourself.Companionship,namely one aspect must be left to the individual alone to decide.Maybe,equilibrium fits the block after placing delirium and hence scoring better in Scrabble. Unsparingly,our inclinations are under critical lenses.Why ?
Humans possess hyper social animal skills,which are quite inborn.Fevicol and the like were devised to fix elements, apart from themselves!

To celebrate a Spirit


Not to clink glasses,
or to mourn the departed,
dedicate a momentary remembrance,shall i write a post;
but to celebrate a spirit that connected around.

Not just one or tiny hundreds that list up the everyday obituary,
nonetheless feel that synergy amiss..
allowance or denial with no role to sign up for,
He,the Godfather of universe has called..
“Mother,why did you let go?”

A Mural


In the very comfortable hues of thunder,
doesn’t settle masquerade so well.
Let the background dwindle,
while the twinkling city morphs into a mural.
Ensemble roll enthrallment and bewitchment,
shan’t a figure as Nissim Ezekiel be mirrored across?

Brimming with Imagination


A pot brimming with imagination,
unlike emptiness, which is about those cracks.
A beautiful mind patterned alone,
that wouldn’t bend at a critical standpoint.
Know not the fears of a stranger,
as the sight demands;
“How very insidious!”,a voice regards.